Garage Sale - Lego Buddies Mia'S House - Extravaganza:£55

Garage Sale - Lego Buddies Mia'S House - Extravaganza:£55

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Garage Sale - Lego Buddies Mia'S House - Extravaganza:£55 - Lego Friends Sets

Return to attribute along with a see to Mia's family property. Stashed in the rainforest, Buddies 41369 Mia's House comprises a home kitchen, bathroom as well as a residing room, as effectively as Mia's bed room, accessed by a trendy exterior climbing wall structure. Clear away the bed room floor for quick and easy play inside the plaything home. Outside there's a table and seats, a properly to get water for Mia's equine Metzie, as well as a grooming area where she could be brushed. This mini-doll property is the perfect ready to role-play household life, and allow creativities operate free of charge. Consists of 3 mini-doll bodies: Mia, mom Ann and also dad Angus, plus 2 animal bodies.
Home kitchen features a stove, hob and also an eating place.
Solutions over 8' (22cm) higher, 12' (31cm) broad as well as 3' (9cm) deep.
Scramble up the climbing up wall in to Mia's area when it is actually time for bed.
Play out domesticity with Mama and also Daddy in this particular toy log cabin house.
Mia's bedroom features a bunk bedroom, light, workdesk as well as an office chair.

Help Mia exercise her animals digital photography with the cam.

Device elements include a mixer, spatula, dish, jewel, skillet, sunny-side-up egg, plate, flatware, 3 cups, 3 dish cases as well as a cooking holder, saddle, bridle, safety helmet, roller skates, beehive, cellphone as well as a camera.
Look after Metzie the horse, and supply the rabbit in the outside grooming location.
Take out Mia's bedroom flooring for complete cooking area access, and help Mother and father ready lunch.
Features 3 mini-doll amounts: LEGO Friends? Mia, her mother Ann and also her papa Angus, plus 2 animal shapes: a bunny as well as a steed.

Friends sets encourage innovative play, and create structure inventive and also exciting.

Components a 2-story cabin-style house including Mia's room, residing space, bathroom with sink and toilet as well as a kitchen. There's likewise a climbing wall along with a concealed entry to Mia's room, and a well outdoors with a pail.

Garage Sale - Lego Buddies Mia'S House - Extravaganza:£55

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Garage Sale - Lego Buddies Mia'S House - Extravaganza:£55

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